IBExpert Server Tools

IBExpert Server Tools includes IBEScript.exe, IBEScript.dll and IBExpertBackupRestore. This product does not include the IBExpert IDE!

These tools are vital for typical administration tasks, for example, importing or exporting data from or to any ODBC data source such as MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, IBM iSeries, Excel, Access and so on. Programming a data interface based on this technology between any Firebird/InterBase and ODBC platform takes just minutes and can also be done by IBExpert employees based on a remote hotline connection. Please mail info@ibexpert.info for further information.

Details of the individual tools can be found here.

All functionalities of the IBEBlock scripting language are also available on fully registered Server Tool computers, for example, metadata and data comparison, multiple database access, etc.

There are four software models available:

  • IBExpert Server Tools single activation for one computer
  • IBExpert Server Tools reseller pack 5
  • IBExpert Server Tools reseller pack 10
  • IBExpert Server Tools reseller pack 50

The IBExpert Server Tools can be purchased using this link on Share-it.
Important for Brazilian customers: Share-it also supports Boleto bancário.

Details of purchase and payment options can be found here. If you have any further questions please mail info@ibexpert.info.

Computer-related activation is required; access to the IBExpert Activation Portal available for 12 months; no updates included. All software must be activated within 12 months in the IBExpert Download Center. Unused activations will automatically expire after 12 months.

If you only want to distribute IBExpert scripts with your application, consider the IBEScript.exe Distribution Software or the IBEScript.dll Distribution Software.

The full IBExpert Server Tools conditions can be viewed and downloaded here.