IBExpert Developer Studio Desktop Edition

The IBExpert Desktop Edition software includes all IBExpert IDE functions such as the Stored Procedure Debugger and Performance tools. It does not include the command-line tools or the HKSCC Tools.

You will receive one (1) IBExpert IDE for use on one (1) computer or one (1) laptop and

  • Use of the software for an unlimited period of time on the (1) registered computer
  • Access to the IBExpert Download Center, computer-related activation within 7 days
  • Hardware-dependent activation codes for the (1) registered computer when submitting the removal code

The IBExpert Desktop Edition does not include any updates.

If you need all IBExpert features, please order the IBExpert Developer Studio.

The IBExpert Desktop Edition can only be purchased using this link on Share-it.
Important for Brazilian customers: Share-it also supports Boleto bancário.

If you have any further questions please mail info@ibexpert.info.