New IBExpert Version 2015.09.28 available

30th September 2015:

New features include:

  • Database Comparer: Support and visualization of Firebird 3.0 databases.
  • Trigger Editor: Added support for Firebird 3 CREATE/ALTER/DROP MAPPING actions.
  • Table Data Comparer: Now uses a single transaction when comparing data of several tables at the same time.
  • ibec_CompareMetadata: new OmitFunctions and OmitPackages options; new Server version option - FB30.

Have you taken a look yet at just how many Firebird 3.0 features are already supported by IBExpert?: Firebird 3.0 features already implemented in IBExpert.

Fully automated update process

As long as you have IBExpert Direct activated in your IBExpert application, you will automatically be informed of all new updates, and automatically directed to the IBExpert Download Center, as soon as they are available. You can find out more about IBExpert Direct in our online documentation.

Important: The free Personal edition was not updated. If you want to use all new functionalities and performance advantages, you should purchase IBExpert full version.

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